Hire a Wattbike trainier, Pro or Atom X for use at home from only £50/month. 

Hire a Wattbike from Race Hub and  transform the way you train.

Developed in association with British Cycling and used by top athletes and sports clubs, Wattbikes are the only indoor cycle to ‘feel’ like riding a real bike and at the same time deliver accurate, consistent performance data and technical feedback. We are passionate about the benefits Wattbike can bring to your training.


The Wattbike allows everyone from complete beginners to elite athletes to experience the same ultimate training tool!  The Wattbike is increasingly the training tool of choice for athletes other than cyclists and triathletes, with rugby players, track and field athletes and many more using the Wattbike to optimise performance gains.

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Hire a Wattbike from only £50/month
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Monitor your performance and progress thanks to Wattbike’s ability to record 39 parameters 100 times per second. The Performance Computer on each bike displays only the key information for the cyclist through seven different views.
The Wattbike is designed so that you can replicate the setup of your road bike exactly on the Wattbike. It feels like riding a real bike on the road or track thanks to a unique design and gives you an amazing indoor cycling experience.
Our set up allows you to train alone or in a group as well as participate in great classes lead by trained Wattbike instructors to help you get the most out of your session, with the fun and motivation of group exercise.
Use the powerapp on your smartphone to view and record realtime data during your session then upload it to powerhub to analyse and share. There is even Strava integration! This will totally transform how you train. Learn more here.