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The Wattbike allows everyone from complete beginners to elite athletes to experience the same ultimate training tool!  The Wattbike is increasingly the training tool of choice for athletes other than cyclists and triathletes, with rugby players, track and field athletes and many more using the Wattbike to optimise performance gains.

The Wattbike studio is available for individuals to book a class or ‘free ride’ session but we also take bookings from clubs, squads and teams for group sessions, with or without an instructor.  Please contact us directly to discuss the specific needs of your group.

Regular gym wear is fine, bear in mind that you are likely to get very hot during sessions.  A pair of cycling shorts with an chamois (padded!) will greatly add to your personal comfort during the session.

You can use regular trainers (with toe cages) but we recommend hard soled cycling shoes and all our Wattbikes come with reversible SPD pedals accepting both a standard shimano SPD and Look Keo cleats.

Don’t forget to bring:

Your cycling shoes

A towel (mandatory!)

Drinks bottle

We recommend that you book a 40 minute ‘induction’ during which we will cover the basics to allow you to get the most from your class or individual booking.  Your instructor will take you through the following:

  • Bike set up and personal sizing*
  • Bike familiarisation including bike numbers, data and pedalling technique
  • 3 minute aerobic test to establish individual training zones.

*we recommend you bring the measurements from your own bike / bike fit to optimise comfort and training specificity on the Wattbike.

You can book an induction by emailing

As a minimum, you will need to complete an online video induction to familiarise you with the Wattbike and monitor to allow you to use the equipment safely and get the most from your session. Click here for the online induction (coming soon!)

You must book and prepay online. You can do this through our website or Facebook page. On your first booking you will be asked to create an account and after that you will be able to login to view, manage and book sessions quickly and easily. You can book up to 7 days in advance and can cancel up to 24hrs in advance (cancellations/no-shows after this time will not be refunded for the session).

You can pay for sessions and classes individually or bulk buy at a discounted rate (see pricing). To bulk buy – please select the class or session you wish to book from the booking widget and the option to book individually or bulk buy sessions will be offered. If you select to bulk buy, remaining classes/sessions will be saved on your account for future use (valid for 6 months). Please note, open sessions and classes have separate bulk buy options/prices and cannot be transferred.

For group bookings please contact or call 07482 307458 for discounted rates and availability.

Classes (coached by a fully trained Wattbike instructor)

Single – £8;     5 classes – £37.50 (£7.50 each);       10 classes – £70 (£7 each);          20 classes – £130 (£6.50 each)

Open Sessions (turn up and train)

Single – £5;     5 sessions – £22.50 (£4.50 each);     10 sessions – £40 (£4 each);      20 Sessions –  £70 (£3.50 each)

Sufferfest Session (coming soon!)

Single – £6;     5 Sessions – £27.50 (£5.50 each);    10 sessions – £50 (£5 each);      20 sessions – £90 (£4.50 each)