Alex Pritchard continues on his run on solid results fighting the mountain goats on the final ramp to place 4th in the 3rd round of the EMRRL. This places him 3rd overall in the series so far and gives him the honour of being the only rider to score points in all 3 rounds. It is very much needed as It was not all smiles and watt-bombs. Young Luke Slater came down in a crash and now joins team captain on the injury bench with a broken scapular! Heal up fast Luke. Tom Hill also raced and gave his new Giant Propel and real test. He continues to build fitness and is growing into the season.

With Alex’s consistent scoring we currently sit 5th overall in the league. He may need to be incased in bubble wrap as at are current rate of riders getting taken out of action we may have to look at some of the stronger triathletes to step into the breach whilst our team heals. I know, Desperate!

In Other News

Dave Woodiwiss opens his Road racing season at Darley Moor placing in the top 20. Need you up to speed fast Dave now we are running with a skeleton team.