Using the Giant PowerFit system for increased performance and efficiency
At Race Hub we have been using the Giant PowerFit system since we opened our doors.

This has been developed by Giant and Wattbike in association with leading sports scientists-  PowerFit is the only bike fit system that focuses specifically on improving your power output and balance through correct fit for increased performance and efficiency.

Giant PowerFit

PowerFit is based on biomechanic principles but differs from other fits as it delivers tangible, objective results proven through Wattbike pedalling force and efficiency analysis.

PowerFit sessions consider your cycling discipline, injury history, pain during cycling and performance goals to deliver an optimized position which can then be transferred to other bikes.

The practical session lasts approximately 1.5-2 hours and includes assessment of your current pedaling technique and force using the Wattbikes. We will then take measurements and alter your set up and position and perform a comparative assessment so that you can see the improvements made to help you work towards a well-balanced, smooth, strong pedal stroke to deliver optimum power and efficiency.

Once we are happy with your new set-up we will help to transfer this to your bike so that you are ready to start benefiting from your new fit straight away.

This fit works brilliantly for any road bike, if you wish to have a fit for a TT/Tri bike please contact us first to arrange a booking. If you are considering buying a new bike, we can use the measurements we take to match you with your perfect Giant bike. We also offer a half price fit with any bike between £1000-£2000 and a free fit with any bike over £2000.

Price £95 for road bike fit, £150 for TT/Tri bike fit

For more info watch this video:

Book Now

To book, please email or call us on 07482 307458. You will need to bring your cycle gear (shorts and top), you existing bike if appropriate, plus your pedals and shoes. If you have any questions about the process, please get in touch.



Use the booking widget above to find a suitable time and date for your fit (or contact us if none are suitable and we’ll do our best to find a time to suit you)


Check the confirmation page during the booking process which explains what you will need to bring with you. If you want this info emailed to you contact snd we’ll send it over.

Fit Session

Come to your fit session with your bike and pedals. Our trained fitter will guide you through the fit and adjust your bike to your optimum position. Expect to be with us for 1.5-2 hours.


It’s time to start testing out your new position. It may take some time to adjust but we are confident you will quickly see the benefits. Pop in and see us for a coffee on your ride and let us know how you are getting on!
What to wear?

  • Tight Lycra shorts/bib-shorts
  • Tight fitting top – Cycling tops are fine as long as we can get to your shoulders, sometimes a vest base layer is better
What to bring?

  • Your current bike that you ride or want to improve.
  • Pedals that you will normally use
Any questions? Email You can also ask on our Facebook page or join our Facebook group.